Weddings at Aspire: Your Dream Venue

Aspire is the perfect wedding venue for your special day.

On arrival your guests will be greeted on the red carpet by our hostesses at the main Infirmary Street entrance.

Composed music will be piped through the outside speakers allowing you to set the relaxed and informal celebration atmosphere from the very beginning.

One option for your wedding ceremony is to host this on the spectacular Mezzanine with seats laid in an intimate arch around the created alter setting where the signing of the register will take place .

Following the ceremony, reception drinks will be served permitting guests to relax a little whilst others smile for the photographer! 

For the wedding breakfast your guests will be welcomed downstairs to the spectacular Banking Hall and seated for the celebration lunch or dinner.

The room will be set featuring dressed tables with white linen, white crockery and elegant stemware.

Music of your choice will be playing throughout this period adding to the ambiance of the affair.

For the speeches we will provide a small PA system to ensure all the comments (both the endearing and funny) will be heard by all.  The traditional cutting of the cake follows shortly after giving guests yet another photo opportunity! 

After a short comfort break the lights will be lowered, candles relit and your evening guests welcomed to continue your celebrations.

The DJ will begin and you will be asked to the dance floor for your first dance, The DJ or band will take over the celebrations and take your party to the next level – creating a chic late night bar vibe.